Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty


Animal cruelty is when someone purposely hurts an animal to cause pain to the animal. This can include giving the animal poor care and inflicting pain on the animal. Animal cruelty has gone up, so we think the law should to help crack the problem.


People who perform cruelty acts can be sentenced up too life in prison, depending into the severity of the act. It is classed as a serious offence. The animal that is most likely to be abused is a dog, however it does still happen to many other animals (cats, rabbits, horses and many more)


Our local R.S.P.C.A gave us some information :


  • Take an average of 1.3 million calls ever year
  • 1 animal every 4 minutes is rescued
  • They investigate 150000 calls a year
  • In 2011, 258 animals were rescued in a week
  • 180 officers over England and wales (that is hardly any considering how many animals are rescued!)
  • in 2011,  11480 abandoned animals were rescued.
  • by Ellie and Cerise


Triple Yolker

The triple yolker

A ‘miracle’ chicken in china has amazed locals after it laid a mega sized egg. The residents were astounded when a hen laid a large offering that was three times the size of a normal egg and weighed in at almost half a pound . The 87 year old women who owns the chicken said she had never seen anything like it before and thought the hen was dying when she saw it laying the egg.